Get What You Want From Your Business

By September 7, 2015About EOS®

95% of all business owners in the world are not getting everything that they want from their companies. They are investing much more money, time and psychical energy than they get in return.

The huge risks and sacrifices that entrepreneurs take when starting out in a new business can often end up alienating families, friends and employees. It can be a very lonely, unpredictable and worrying time, especially when the business fails to give you the rewards that you hoped for when you started. It may be that the business isn’t growing fast enough, isn’t profitable enough, or that your employees and business partners don’t seem to understand or empathise with your frustrations.

Getting What You Want: Know it, See it and Focus on it.

My advice to each entrepreneur is to take just 5 minutes out of a day to sit and think 10 years down the line. Write down exactly what it is that you want from the business. What does it look like and how would you describe it?

It may be growth, in which case, write down the specifics. Plot your revenue, number of people or describe the offices, location & geography for example. You may be envisioning the profit margins, a need for better technology, more people or just fewer frustrations. Outline a picture of exactly how it looks in 10 years.

With the destination determined, you can start to put plans in place to simplify, clarify and focus all your efforts on aligning your company to get you there.

If we were performing this exercise during an EOS workshop, we would then spend the rest of the day with you, focused on achieving that goal. In any business running on EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System), we call this the “10-Year Target”.  We do this because the first step in achieving a goal is simply expressing it — to yourself, and to the many people who can help you achieve it.

If you keep your goal in front of you, top of mind and share it often, it will help to drive every decision you make; hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly. The possibility that you will realise your goal suddenly becomes very likely. When you can align your whole company around where you are going and how you are going to get there, amazing things happen.

So I ask you; ‘What do you want from your business?’

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