Who’s in the Front Seat?

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Who’s in the front seat? Dean Breyley, Grow or Die

Interview at 4,500 feet with Time4Advice Founder, Roland Rawicz-Szczerbo.

Being up in the sky is one of my favourite places to be so I was thrilled to be invited for an interview with Roland in the mighty G-MIII Extra 300L to talk about our experiences of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

I work with business owners who are stuck when they’re not quite sure what might take them to the next level. I love helping teams become nimble and agile- just like this flight- then the real fun begins. Watch the video below, read the interview transcript here.

The Video


The Interview

Roland Rawicz-Szczerbo: Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, in the front seat today we have Dean Breyley from Grow or Die. Dean specialies in helping firms to get the most from their business.  So Dean, tell me about the title ‘Grow or Die’….

Dean Breyley: ‘Grow or Die’ relates to many things; self-development, improvement, betterment, always learning, always growing, never standing still.  So, for me that works in a business sense, a personal sense, every kind of sense you could imagine. I just choose to apply that in my professional life, to helping people get what they want for from businesses.

Roland: How are you feeling anyway? I mean what on earth made you think this is a good idea Dean?

Dean: Being up in the sky is one of my favourite places to be. I love it!

Roland: So, Dean, when you take on a firm for the first time, typically what sort of things are you having to deal with?

Dean: They’ve reached the point where the things that got them to where they are today are no longer working. They’ve already reached a high level of success and have now hit a ceiling and ‘become stuck’.  They are looking for a little bit of extra help because they feel like they have tried everything.  They’re not quite sure what is going to take them to the next level. Compare that to where we are right now, up at a couple of thousand feet, where they want to be taking their business, up to the next cloud base.

Roland:  We are up at 4,500ft now, and we are going to do a gentle roll to the right. Tell me, what do you love about your work Dean?

Dean: I love being able to sit with a Leadership Team, watch them identify their real issues, then work as a healthy team to solve them, taking them to wherever they want to go. (As the plane rolls to the right) This is what I help teams to do, help them to become so nimble, so agile and take them to places where they can do this kind of thing with their company, because they then have the ability to.

Roland: So when you engage with a firm, how do you find that they react with you?

Dean: Well, it takes them a little bit of time to trust me. When we start working together I am just a guy with a set of tools. We’ve got to build a great trusting relationship in order for them to take me seriously. (planes rolls upside down) then we can do stuff like this. I can hang upside down with them because I implicitly trust them and they implicitly trust me, then the fun begins, then we can do good work!

Roland: What advice would you give to a firm regarding EOS?

Dean: I would suggest that they read the books. There is a library of books put together by ‘Gino Wickman’. Traction is the ‘workbook’ and then there is ‘Get a Grip’ which is a fable that tells of the best way to introduce yourself to the tools, to the process, and to the system. I’ll also quite happily share 90 minutes of my time with anybody that wants to have a bit of fun like this?!  I’ll take them through my version of this experience, and yet down on the ground!

Roland: As a company who have gone through EOS (Time4Advice), I can honestly say that it’s an excellent experience and one that anyone who is serious about business, should embark on.

To find out more, check out – www.time4advice.co.uk

Watch the video here.