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“We are currently branching out into the US market, and EOS has helped us greatly with the structure we need to grow the company.” Dave Evans, accessplanit

Dave Evans Accessplanit

Dave Evans, Managing Director – accessplanit

Our EOS Story – accessplanit by Dave Evans, Managing Director

At accessplanit, we are on mission to help power training companies across the globe.  accessplanit is a ‘Training Management Software’ company based in Lancaster, in North West England. We come from a training background ourselves and are passionate about helping training companies improve and grow, by automating their admin process.

Back before the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), accessplanit were operating using ISO9001. This system worked for us in the early days, but we found it to be inflexible and we spent way too much time looking back / reviewing, rather than looking forward or dealing with the here-and-now.

We are currently branching out into the US market, and EOS has helped us greatly with the structure we need to grow the company.

How we discovered EOS

Our accountant mentioned that he’d just read ‘Traction’. And being an avid reader, I took a look at both ‘Traction’ and ‘Get a Grip’. So much resonated with me; it really was like a lightbulb moment. Having tried many other things already, we felt that getting an EOS implementer to help us with the rollout, gave us the best chance of success.  We are glad that we found Dean Breyley of Grow or Die, Community Leader (Europe)™ and a Certified EOS implementer™.

“We had hit a wall, or as Dean would say: ‘Hit the Ceiling’! We were doing well but just needed some outside intervention to take us to that next level.” Hannah Churchman, Director of Operations at accessplanit

What EOS has done for us

The experience so far has been great. We’re 18 months into our EOS journey and everyone in the business is working to the system. We now have a standardised way of working across the business. We have much more focus and we are achieving so much more than ever before.

Working with Dean has been amazing. He’s guided us through the system rollout step-by-step. He’s really helped keep us on track and helped us navigate through some challenging issues. His experience of implementing EOS has been invaluable, as it has helped us avoid potential pitfalls along the way.

EOS has transformed the way that we run the business from everyone having Rocks to all departments having Level 10s each week. Most of all, everything is now joined up and everyone is contributing towards the same vision.

Changing things for the better

As Managing Director, I had previously been sat in both the Visionary and Integrator seats within the company. Hannah and I split the two roles out at the start of the year and it’s had a massive impact on the business. I am now able to focus on developing the longer-term ideas, that’s what I really enjoy and it’s my strength. Hannah, our (now) Director of Operations is running the day to day business. Her strengths are planning, holding teams accountable and making sure we hit our goals / targets. So far things are going great, we are combining vision with traction much more effectively. This was one of the most important changes we made in terms of getting the right people in the right seats.

For me the biggest thing I’ve learnt, has been getting the right people in the right seats (the right people being people who are perfect culture matches). We now hire, reward and remove people based on culture fit – this is massively important for our company morale and productivity.  Defining the right seats has also been invaluable as it’s given us the right structure to drive forward.

Should you make the move?

I would highly recommend EOS to any business considering a change to processes. I would also urge businesses to consider using a professional implementer.

We believe in the EOS system because we’ve seen the results it brings. In fact, it’s worked so well for us that we decided to introduce it to our customers too.

At our annual training provider conference, Everest last year, we were joined by Christian Goldmann and Alexander Celie, Professional Implementers of EOS. The pair provided us with a presentation on what it really takes to run a healthy organisation, with a focus on the Six Key Components™ that they believe will ensure that any business can reach its full potential.  Read more here.

It’s easy to look at the EOS system and think it’s easy to implement on your own, because it sounds so simple. But, while the system and tools are simple, there is a lot of hard work involved, and there will inevitably be some very big decisions to make along the way.

An implementer won’t just do it all for you or tell you precisely what to do, but their experience and help in navigating through the tricky issues that arise is invaluable.

It’s easy to put off making the tough decisions, but if you don’t do that the EOS system just won’t work for you.

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