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Choice / Freedom / Opportunity

“I believe that life should be full of choice, freedom, and opportunity. Enabling us to do what we love, with people that we love, and help make a difference in the world.”

I’m Dean Breyley, EOS Community Leader for Europe and Certified EOS Implementer. I help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to do 2 things:

  1. Realise their company’s full potential.
  2. Choose how often they spend time in that company.
I do that by introducing teams to the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Helping them to create strong, independent, capable teams that build great companies, helping you realise your vision.
After running several businesses in my twenties, including a Creative Agency, it was the birth of my daughter that changed my perspective and led to several major decisions. With a new baby at home, my personal life was strained and life in the agency even more so. The relationship with my business partner was unhealthy, trying to pull the business in two different directions. The decision was made to exit and start a new venture.
After exiting, the opportunity arose to build the marketing function in a fast scaling Digital Agency. Not being my own business, it was easy to see what wasn’t functioning well. We had bad communication, inefficient processes and a deep lack of transparency.
Upon finding ‘Traction’ I knew this was what the company needed to continue to grow. I Self-Implemented for 6+ months – the results were amazing. We made decisions quickly, dealt with issues directly & efficiently. Meetings were a success. The Agency now felt agile and extremely effective.
At the time, there were no UK based Implementers of EOS, and that is when I had the realisation, the role of Implementer was hard wired in my DNA. Helping introduce EOS to UK businesses would be my next entrepreneurial venture.
Since November 2014, I have devoted my time to helping other Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. I want to help you to avoid the pain and dysfunction that most companies struggle with every day and live a life full of choice, freedom and opportunity.
In 2019, I completed my journey to become a certified coach and speaker. I am also now able to offer keynotes, presentations, and workshops for Leadership Teams & Business Owners.

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